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The center panel appears abstracted with a bold association of appliqued fabric in a contrasting color but the motifs appear quite randomly positioned and bear names like ‘tail of a dog’, ‘circles’ and ‘leaves’ to correspond to the abstracted form they symbolize. Kuba fabric- from an early 20th C type, can have very graphic patterning and can always have completely different elements to it as it’s generally made up of 3 panels. The borders can mirror one another or be asymmetrical however they are usually more sophisticated than the center. Both using colour and the number of motifs or symbols will have their own connotations and, after all, different combinations of those will say various things in a pattern.

Usually there is more than one colour and one pattern found in a single piece of material but generally, it can be only one with a specific message to get throughout. Of all of the genres by which patterning is exhibited in Africa, textiles carry probably the most thrilling and most advanced form of repetitive design. Some artifacts are incised with aid carving just like the Shona headrest and a few have carving in addition to being masterfully sculpted into 3 dimensional varieties like both the stools above. Doors, headrests, walking sticks, combs, packing containers are all items that lend themselves to detailed carving and ornament. The geometric parts are superbly arranged in refined mixtures of each shapes and colors.

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