Smart Design for Small Bathroom

The vital room in the house is not only the bedroom or kitchen but also the bathroom. Often this bathroom is the last thing to pay attention to, meanwhile the bathroom can be a reflection of your personality. Even though the majority of this one room is small and small in size, the benefits are many.

In a room like this, you can’t just design arbitrarily, especially if the room is very small, especially if you want to add a bathtub in it. There are several designs that you might try to give a wide impact on your bathroom. One of the components that really determines is the ceramic used. So, what kind of design and ceramics are suitable for your small bathroom?

Even though it sounds easy, the choice of bathroom cubicle tiles should not be arbitrary. Carefulness is needed because it will affect the durability and aesthetics of the bathroom.

Satisfying small bathroom designs, let’s follow this guide to sorting small bathroom cubicle tiles!

1. Install Large Glass Bathroom

If you want to install a bathtub in the bathroom but the room is small? It’s possible, you can choose the type of bathtub that is smaller and shorter. So that your bathroom looks wider, one trick is to install a large mirror in the middle of the room. This glass can create the illusion of a wider space because of the reflection of the glass.

It can also be combined with colored ceramics and you can see reflections like glass, the most suitable ceramic color is white with a glossy finish. So that the room will appear wider. The white colors that you can use are Glossy White and Plain Color White from Accura 2 solid white colors not only make a minimalist impression but also make the bathroom look prettier.

2. Install Ceramic Floor with Horizontal Motives

Ceramic floors and cubicles have an important function in the comfort and relief of bathroom space, for example the size of your bathroom is small, try installing ceramic tiles in the cubicle and floor with a different color. Bright colors for the room and beige or brown for the floor.

You can install the floor space with white or blue ceramic tiles, while on this part of the floor you can install wooden striped ceramic tiles in cream color. What needs to be underlined here is that the bathroom floor should have a horizontal stripe motif, so the bathroom will appear wider.

Suitable floor tiles are Galena Light Brown with wood motifs mixed with horizontal lines and Broadway Beige tiles. These two ceramics are an example of a harmonious blend. Not only that, you can also add a multifunctional white shelf above your toilet, this multifunctional shelf can be used as a place to store clean towels, toiletries and even the skincare you normally use.

3. Wear Bright Motives for Bathroom

Bright colors have been proven to be able to make a room appear wider, coupled with the presence of sunlight or brighter lights. A bathroom with adequate lighting can refract light in all directions so that your bathroom looks elegant and beautiful. The light colors that you can use are light blue, beige, white, gray etc

Tips you need to know if you want to put a bathtub in a small bathroom, you can add the benefits of the bathtub itself, usually small bathrooms make one between the bathtub and shower to save space.

For the needs of a small bathroom, you should use Cooper Beige tiles for the floor and Milton Beige for the walls. You can put the bathtub shower and toilet next to each other. To save space combine with hanging shelves and mirrors between the existing corners.

4. Minimize bulkheads

Minimizing the partition will create the impression of a wider space, the trick is to remove the conventional door and replace it with sliding doors with mirror material. This method was tried so that sunlight from outside the room could enter, so that a lot of sunlight came in and it made the bathroom space appear wider. Also try not to add a lot of furniture inside because it will look even smaller.

You can also add a partition with a curtain or curtain to separate the shower and toilet, because the curtain can be opened and closed so you can use this method in confined spaces. Choosing floor tiles and matching rooms. For example Pablo Gray to beautify your floors.

Bathroom cubicle tiles come in various dimensions, ranging from 20×40, 25×40 centimeters, 25×50 centimeters, up to 30×60 centimeters. To get the impression of a nice room, of course you have to adjust the dimensions of the tiles to the dimensions of your bathroom.

In fact, there are also many tips and tricks that you can follow to choose ceramics in a small room, some of the tips and methods are as follows:

1. Observing the Texture of Ceramics for Bathroom

There are 2 types of ceramic textures that you can choose from, namely aggressive and glossy textures. Ceramics with an aggressive texture appear with various motifs such as plain, lines, boxes, and coral stones, or according to taste. For those of you who like natural nuances, there are also bathroom cubicle tiles with wood motifs, leaf motifs, and floral motifs which are sure to make your bathroom more enjoyable to look at.

Installing glossy tiles in the bathroom cubicle area is highly recommended if you have a small bathroom. You can choose plain glossy ceramics like Glossy White which can reflect light better so that it can give a broad impression to the room.

2. Using Colors with the Same Tone for Bathroom

To produce a beautiful impression on the bathroom, you can use tiles with neutral colors such as white, cream, brown or dark. However, if you want to create a fresh atmosphere, using bold and contrasting colors like red, yellow and orange is also worth trying.

For example, you can combine Bricko Bianco with embossed textures and beautiful brick motifs and also Glossy Light Gray from Accura. The embossed texture on the floor is the right choice to avoid a very slippery and damp floor.

3. Ceramics don’t have to be square, you know!

Usually, ceramics are square, but you can also experiment with other shapes, 8 squares or rectangles, for example. In terms of installation, it can also be mixed so that it will create a unique bathroom impression.

4. Is there a Curved Booth section? Try Using Small Ceramics

If the tiny bathroom at home has a curved cubicle. You can use this space to install ceramic tiles that are small in size. This type of ceramic will give a nice impression, when compared to when you cut large ceramic tiles.

5. Always Consider Treatment

When choosing tile, make sure you choose the type of tile that is easy to clean and maintain. If you choose white ceramic. Make sure it is placed in an area that is not close to a source of dirt.

Oh yes, you should choose ceramic dimensions that are not too small. Because choosing small sized tiles will give more grout joints. So it’s a little inconvenient when you have to clean it.

With the selection of ceramic products and proper installation. A small bathroom can also be your favorite part of the house!