Ideas for Beautifying a Kitchen Decoration

A kitchen that has a narrow area may make you confused in kitchen decoration, if you have a narrow kitchen at home. There are still many ways that can be done to maximize its function and aesthetics.

Kitchen Decoration

Beautify Minimalist Kitchen Decoration

The kitchen is an important room for a family. Ideally the kitchen is spacious enough so that it is comfortable for activities. Even a minimalist kitchen is incomplete if it is not equipped with minimalist items in it. Here are some narrow kitchen decoration for you that you can use to beautify your kitchen:

1. Chandelier

Bright lighting can create a minimalist impression in your kitchen. In addition, the lighting can help us in cooking in the kitchen. The light source comes from a lamp that is installed to illuminate the kitchen area. But for those of you, don’t make the wrong choice by choosing ordinary design lights and seem dim. Positioning the lamp in a strategic place will also add an interesting impression. If we put a chandelier as a bar table decoration, then for the kitchen area we need additional lights with sufficient light.

2. Picture in Frame

You will feel comfortable and excited when cooking in the kitchen when you see your motivational sentences installed in the kitchen area. Memorable photos, will also add to our mood to be good which will then certainly affect the taste of the dishes we make. In addition, these quotes can add to the beauty of your kitchen.

3. Hanging Rack

The hanging rack in question here is a wooden board that is hung on the wall. This hanging rack is useful for placing various kinds of furniture, spices, and even kitchen decorations. When entering the kitchen area, this shelf will be the main highlight, so it must be designed as well as possible.

4. Artistic Pattern Plate

Besides being used to eat artistic plates, it can also be used for decorating your minimalist kitchen. It is enough to arrange it neatly on the hanging shelf, which is the first highlight when someone visits our kitchen. Not only plates, unique bowls, glasses, spoons, forks you can also install for kitchen decorations.

5. Using a Folding Table or Bar Table

Because it has a small kitchen area, we have to make the area more efficient. An easy way is to make our dining table into a small bar table complete with bar stools that have a minimalist design. If you use a bar table, it should be equipped with a chandelier and a flower vase. Using a folding table can also be a recommendation for you. If you have finished using it, you can easily fold the table then your kitchen space will again feel spacious even though your kitchen is small.

6. Real Plants or Synthetic Plants

When we enter a room and see something green, namely plants, we will feel more refreshed and comfortable. Our vision is not monotonous, only focused on the kitchen area. Placing plants in the corner of the kitchen, on a hanging shelf, or on the bar table can add aesthetic value to your minimalist kitchen as well. The types of plants that we can use are small plants, but we also have to regularly take care of these plants. In addition to real plants, if you don’t want to bother caring for these plants, synthetic plants can be your choice in determining narrow kitchen decorations.