Elegant Minimalist Bathroom Design

Minimalist bathroom design does give its own nuances to our bathrooms and still look spacious with makeshift space. Plus, it looks elegant and stunning for us to keep our eyes on all the time. So, we will not feel uncomfortable every time we go to the bathroom. The following are some elegant minimalist bathroom designs:

Minimalist Bathroom

Modern elegant

This bathroom looks modern and elegant with a different touch. Most importantly, the floor uses a hexagon motif. The monochrome impression of the room is also combined with wooden accents from the bathroom cabinet. Selection of furniture is also very noteworthy. The combination of the sink, seat, and bathroom door, seems to be neatly arranged.

All white

White is always associated with the impression of cleanliness, airiness and elegance. Especially if the concept is all white. Surely the impression will be more. The concept is completely white, but combined with natural-looking motifs, both on the tiles and by adding ornamental plants in the bathroom. With a touch like this, surely a minimalist bathroom and elegant impression will really get well.

Using natural stones

To change the atmosphere, you can also use natural stones in your bathroom. Use natural stones instead of tiles. But, of course, the tiles remain on the floor. Even if it’s only a small amount. With a touch like this, you will feel as if you are in the open. Without having to go to the countryside, you know! Imagine!

Brick wall

You can also consider using bricks on your bathroom walls. The concept of bricks like this can bring out a unique luxury effect. Especially when combined with a tiled wall. What an effect!

Industrial theme

Luxurious bathrooms do not have to be enjoyed in five star hotels let alone in luxury homes. The key is in the touch of dark gray. It must be applied correctly and thoroughly. The use of large mirrors also plays an important role. The reason is, the bathroom will look luxurious with the presence of this device in the bathroom. The addition of ornamental plants is also useful for balancing the heavy and dark impression of the bathroom.