Luxury Bathroom Design Inspiration Using Marble

Having a luxury bathroom design needs to prioritize user safety, which is not slippery when exposed to water and smooth air circulation. However, over time, the bathroom has additional functions such as a relaxation area. Not a few linger in the bathroom to soak or spa. Many people start implementing luxury bathroom designs using marble. Marble is the mainstay material to perfect the appearance of an effortlessly luxurious design. Here are some inspirations for luxury bathroom designs using marble:

Luxury Bathroom

Gleaming Statuario Marble in the Corner of the Bathroom

The famous Statuario marble is rare and beautiful. The base color is white, followed by strokes of gray. No half-hearted, this marble is used to coat almost all parts of the luxury bathroom. Starting from the walls, floors, niches, even the bathtub area. The luxury is increasingly felt thanks to the good lighting and the design of the glass wall facing the bedroom. There is no significant decoration other than a lamp and a flower vase.

Focus on the Floor

Luxurious bathroom inspiration using Monty Bianco marble. The base color is white with a gray tint. Large patterns are placed at the top of the wall as if framing the bathroom. Turning to the floor, the marble is made in a square pattern with lots of frames. The frame uses contrasting black marble. Makes the person using it immediately focus on the floor.

Artistic Bookmatch Marble Walls

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Smart Design for Small Bathroom

The vital room in the house is not only the bedroom or kitchen but also the bathroom. Often this bathroom is the last thing to pay attention to, meanwhile the bathroom can be a reflection of your personality. Even though the majority of this one room is small and small in size, the benefits are many.

In a room like this, you can’t just design arbitrarily, especially if the room is very small, especially if you want to add a bathtub in it. There are several designs that you might try to give a wide impact on your bathroom. One of the components that really determines is the ceramic used. So, what kind of design and ceramics are suitable for your small bathroom?

Even though it sounds easy, the choice of bathroom cubicle tiles should not be arbitrary. Carefulness is needed because it will affect the durability and aesthetics of the bathroom.

Satisfying small bathroom designs, let’s follow this guide to sorting small bathroom cubicle tiles!

1. Install Large Glass Bathroom

If you want to install a bathtub in the bathroom but the room is small? It’s possible, you can choose the type of bathtub that is smaller and shorter. So that your bathroom looks wider, one trick is to install a large mirror in the middle of the room. This glass can create the illusion of a wider space because of the reflection of the glass.

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